Monday, December 19, 2016

Yeah, I Know...

All Photos: © S. Banos

This is the time of year when we look back and make recommendations and observations on the year's occurrences both large and small, photographic and otherwise. Unfortunately, this will not be the case here; the year, in short, was dominated by the deterioration and death of my father, my acquisition of the dreaded Shingles- not to mention, unknowingly self eviscerating the visuals from nearly ten years of my blog... nice! On the "happier" side, I finally delved headfirst into the digital realm with my purchase of a GR, and managed to self publish three books

This past week I went back to NYC to help my mother move- suffice to say, I have never (ever) worked harder (both physically and mentally) in my entire life, the excruciating details of which (yes, there's more) I may get into at some later point. Anyway, the kicker at the end of it all- I was to return (for the first time in my entire life) with a certain share of monies in hand from the sale of my parent's small but centrally located condo. However, our idiot, asshole of a so called lawyer did not perform the most basic of lawyerly due diligence, which resulted in the postponement of said sale... the discovery of the fatal discrepancy occurred at the very closing of said deal as one and all were happily signing away on the plethora of expected paperwork! It has now been made abundantly clear to me (something said "lawyer" should have readily seen) that I will also be needing the services of a probate lawyer to finally consummate said deal. This means a delay of around two months, an eventual return trip to NYC, and the borrowing of money from a variety of trusted friends and resources- did I mention the barrage of additional paperwork involved, in addition to the bills and accumulating debt? This has, in effect turned into its own F/T job- just in time as I return to work this Mon. Did I also fail to mention just how hard my probate lawyer laughed when I regaled him with sad said details of the gross incompetence exhibited by my initial "lawyer?" At least he apologized for laughing, one apology more than I got from said incompetent.

Anyway, not to be a complete Danny Downer at the Christmas Yuletide Season (and in full acknowledgement that there are those with considerably larger problems worldwide)... in lieu of the traditional end of year lists, I'll simply include my slowly accumulating square format offerings. Must say- I kinda love these "little" guys...


Photo: © S. Banos


  1. Thanks, Raghavendra. Enjoy them for a number of reasons: 1) fun when one's not coming up with the "real" shots, 2) they're a nice change of pace, 3) forces one to think and see differently...

    One of the seldom mentioned, but truly great advantages of digital- various aspect ratios... particularly for those like me who don't crop after the fact. Interestingly, when I shot with a Fujifilm, the jpgs were square, but the RAW was still 2:3- as if the camera didn't trust your decision. The GR makes no such compromise.