Sunday, January 29, 2017

Land Of The Lost

Photo: © S. Banos

When I took this photograph I was very much thinking of just how appropriate the label was for the area depicted- an area in San Francisco particularly rife with homeless people that have obvious drug and mental issues; an area that seems to have grown in size and density along with and despite of the myriad of monies associated with the influx of neighboring tech companies large and small.

But it wasn't until the arrival of our brand new head of state that I started to view that title on a "grander," national level...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Photo: © S. Banos

Sure, by now we all know not to believe anything that falls from Herr Donald's mouth in his never ending game of "now I say it, now I don't." Some even willingly accept this as the new "normal," least for him- some kind of fun, novelty past time... What did he really say? What does he really mean? When did he deny it? How many times did he deny what he repeatedly said? And then you can play the advanced version where you apply the same skill set to the interpretations of each and every one of his bickering sycophants.

But... truth is, these "keep ya on your toes with suspense" reiterations (so one has to constantly look at and listen to... HIM 24/7), this "you don't deserve a straight answer" doctrine can ultimately incur some very serious consequences...

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bizarro World USA!!!

Well, it's official. We are now in anything goes, make it up as you go, up is down and down is up Bizarro World. And if the US press doesn't get together, unite, put their collective foot down and outright demand a cessation to these "Alternate Facts" scenarios we are now only starting to see the beginning of... well, prepare yourself for 4 long years of "news" that we will have to individually inspect, analyze and corroborate like CO's anally inspecting incoming inmates. The FOX has gone from hen house to White House...


Friday, January 20, 2017

Hail To The Chief & May God Bless America!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Alex Webb @ Robert Koch

Photo: Alex Webb

A well known name for sure, Alex Webb certainly has his fans. I often end up feeling a tad claustrophobic whenever viewing his work however, many of the images partially ensconced in dark shadows that break up and fragment his images into competing segments, each a miniature visual fraction striving for attention. Of course, that is the genius of his work- it is also what makes it somewhat challenging to view when book sized, which is how most of his work is probably seen.

So it was quite the eye opener to see his work La Calle spread large on the walls of The Robert Koch Gallery where they finally had room to open up and breathe. One could finally appreciate all the precious little details framed within those shadows large and small, the various scenarios captured, highlighted and played against each other with their complementary and contradictory tales of life on The Street. 

It also contained two of my favorite photos by him...

Photo: Alex Webb

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump = Berlusconi?

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and President-elect Donald Trump. (Tiziana Fabi and Timothy A. Clary/Agence France-Press via Getty Images)

(except one didn't have his finger on the button).

Sunday, January 8, 2017

40 Ways To Unmitigated Success!

You've bared your soul, thickened your skin- and even the mask has to come off at some point...  
Photo: © S. Banos

It's a brand new year- it's cold, it's winter (bbrrrrrr!), and you're at home: plotting, scheming, editing your way to success and fortune in the brand new year of 2017. You had the wrong plan in '16, the wrong attitude in '15, the wrong work in '14- but '17, ah yes, '17! Seventeen is gonna get ya through... Vision clear, no stone left unturned; ya finally got it down, learned from your mistakes, and planned it to perfection.

This is your year, your turn to shine- and nothing, I mean nothing, is getting in the way. You're gonna get that assignment, publish that essay, make that book! And you will not be denied!

You and several thousand others worldwide; talented, desperate, young and old, male and female, aspiring wannabes working hard and harder still! Yeah, good luck with that- good luck to us all...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 And Beyond...

Photo: © S. Banos

I keep trying to tell myself that 2017 has to be a better year, and by all reason it should be, being that 2016 was the absolute worst of my life (with 2015 not far behind)- and then, more than just a little annoyingly, 1/20 quickly comes to mind. We will soon have a "leader" whose concept of appearing Presidential is to parody people with disabilities (and NO- that can't possibly be repeated, reiterated or emphasized enough times ever), a person who needs multiple sycophants to "interpret" and divine what he really, truly means, all of which doesn't matter a single stitch since he's allowed to deny and restate everything anyway. 

And imagine, just imagine, if it had been Obama that said, "Just grab 'em by..." Oh, the universal outrage, furor, and righteous indignation! Can you spell... L-y-n-c-h that N-word on The White House lawn?

But hey, Senor Trump didn't force his way into our lives- "we" elected him. And that's the truly scary part. Working class people across the US of A voted in a billionaire born with the proverbial silver spoon, who made a career of screwing working class people everywhere he went. And he became El Jefe with the proven help (and approval) of... a dirty, filthy Commie! And I'm old enough to remember the battle cry of Conservative, White Republicans turning red in the face screaming, "Better dead than Red!"

So what does the photo above have to do with any of this? Simple. They made me laugh then, and have kept me laughing ever since... And right now, a good laugh is exactly what I need. Cause right now, they look the two sanest, most honest people in the entire fuckin' world...