Monday, January 23, 2017

Bizarro World USA!!!

Well, it's official. We are now in anything goes, make it up as you go, up is down and down is up Bizarro World. And if the US press doesn't get together, unite, put their collective foot down and outright demand a cessation to these "Alternate Facts" scenarios we are now only starting to see the beginning of... well, prepare yourself for 4 long years of "news" that we will have to individually inspect, analyze and corroborate like CO's anally inspecting incoming inmates. The FOX has gone from hen house to White House...



  1. I'm afraid it's going to be nearly impossible to keep up with these assholes. Virtually every word that comes out of their mouths is either an ignorant misconception, hyperbole, hearsay, a threat, an insult, or a deliberate lie. Our information gathering systems, and our individual brains for that matter, are not evolved to cope with this environment any more than they're able to cope with a bad acid trip.

    With no reference to the real world, our logic, our defenses, and our ability to react all fail. A person buried in an avalanche is unable to tell up from down.

    We're going to have think differently, to act instinctively, and to strike quickly, before this alternate reality becomes the norm. Remember "1984".

  2. Or we're just gonna have start taking whatever they're on...