Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 And Beyond...

Photo: © S. Banos

I keep trying to tell myself that 2017 has to be a better year, and by all reason it should be, being that 2016 was the absolute worst of my life (with 2015 not far behind)- and then, more than just a little annoyingly, 1/20 quickly comes to mind. We will soon have a "leader" whose concept of appearing Presidential is to parody people with disabilities (and NO- that can't possibly be repeated, reiterated or emphasized enough times ever), a person who needs multiple sycophants to "interpret" and divine what he really, truly means, all of which doesn't matter a single stitch since he's allowed to deny and restate everything anyway. 

And imagine, just imagine, if it had been Obama that said, "Just grab 'em by..." Oh, the universal outrage, furor, and righteous indignation! Can you spell... L-y-n-c-h that N-word on The White House lawn?

But hey, Senor Trump didn't force his way into our lives- "we" elected him. And that's the truly scary part. Working class people across the US of A voted in a billionaire born with the proverbial silver spoon, who made a career of screwing working class people everywhere he went. And he became El Jefe with the proven help (and approval) of... a dirty, filthy Commie! And I'm old enough to remember the battle cry of Conservative, White Republicans turning red in the face screaming, "Better dead than Red!"

So what does the photo above have to do with any of this? Simple. They made me laugh then, and have kept me laughing ever since... And right now, a good laugh is exactly what I need. Cause right now, they look the two sanest, most honest people in the entire fuckin' world...


  1. Well said Stan. A glorious New Year to you and your sweetie. I won't way 2017 couldn't get any worse as I am sure the new "Leader of the Free world" - Putin will insure things will indeed get worse.

  2. Happy New Year Stan.

    Let's hope that Trump gets nailed by at least one of the multiple enemies he is making across the political spectrum.

    I had a Boxing Day Dinner trying to make the point that Trump's mocking of the reporter was not an accident, or due to ignorance, or forgiveable... I don't believe in the whole post-truth thing but I am confused as to why anybody would have a blind spot for Trump's blatant repulsiveness.