Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Photo: © S. Banos

Sure, by now we all know not to believe anything that falls from Herr Donald's mouth in his never ending game of "now I say it, now I don't." Some even willingly accept this as the new "normal," least for him- some kind of fun, novelty past time... What did he really say? What does he really mean? When did he deny it? How many times did he deny what he repeatedly said? And then you can play the advanced version where you apply the same skill set to the interpretations of each and every one of his bickering sycophants.

But... truth is, these "keep ya on your toes with suspense" reiterations (so one has to constantly look at and listen to... HIM 24/7), this "you don't deserve a straight answer" doctrine can ultimately incur some very serious consequences...

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