Friday, January 20, 2017

Hail To The Chief & May God Bless America!


  1. I don't want to hear another thing about Blooto the orange president. If your talking about him your just feeding his ego. For the next 4 years I will not watch the Trump News Network formally known as CNN (24 hr Trump) or any other US News programs. I refuse to hear his whiny voice and will hit mute whenever he comes on either the TV or radio. If it's a show like 60 Minutes, which I generally like, if Trump is featured in a segment I will not watch the entire show as I don't want to see the teasers. There are better things to do with my God given time on this wonderful planet than listen, read about or watch this imbecile. Any screw ups he makes, and there will be lots, can be fixed by the next president. Please don't waste yours and our time railing on about this moron. There are more important things like prison reform, equal rights etc.. Things that you can actually do locally. Things that might actually impact you personally in a direct and tangible way. Let your photography speak to these things if you want to make an impact. Write about things you are doing to make your neighbours life better in some small or fantastic way. Stan you are an intelligent and compassionate person. Don't waste your talents on Trump. If you need to vent fill the bathtub full of water, stick your head in it and scream. Repeat as necessary. It will make you feel better, cool you off and have about as much impact on Trump as wasting your talents venting about him on your blog. My frustration is not with you Stan, it's with Trump. All I am asking, begging is that you don't feed the beast.

  2. Wow, uhh, uhmmm... I (almost) don't know what to say.

    A lot of useful, good stuff in there- to be sure. But I'm not too keen on the waterboarding thingie. I understand your frustration- really. But making noise is the one thing that really gets under this guy's skin, not that he can hear me personally, but he's sure to hear our nationwide chorus for the next whatever amount of years, as he did yesterday- as must all his reality skewing sycophants. I cannot live in a world in which I silently long for the golden era of W, the very thought makes we want to scream- and this is the best way I know how (at least while home).

    PS- Please ignore the next post, and several more for the next ____ yrs. Sorry!