Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Alex Webb @ Robert Koch

Photo: Alex Webb

A well known name for sure, Alex Webb certainly has his fans. I often end up feeling a tad claustrophobic whenever viewing his work however, many of the images partially ensconced in dark shadows that break up and fragment his images into competing segments, each a miniature visual fraction striving for attention. Of course, that is the genius of his work- it is also what makes it somewhat challenging to view when book sized, which is how most of his work is probably seen.

So it was quite the eye opener to see his work La Calle spread large on the walls of The Robert Koch Gallery where they finally had room to open up and breathe. One could finally appreciate all the precious little details framed within those shadows large and small, the various scenarios captured, highlighted and played against each other with their complementary and contradictory tales of life on The Street. 

It also contained two of my favorite photos by him...

Photo: Alex Webb

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