Friday, April 28, 2017


Photo: © S. Banos

Guess I haven't taken a "sunset" since... and that's round about ten years ago. Anyway, minor miracle I even got the (above) shot off considering that 45 minutes prior I almost lay writhing in agony on a bar room floor. No, not from drunken fisticuffs over some imagined slight- I merely reached out for a bar stool, and before even making contact, the sharpest of searing pains shot up my back, bringing tears to my eyes and almost buckling my knees. I slowly retreated into a corner to regain my composure (or call an ambulance), and regained stability after ten minutes. I was sore for the remainder of the weekend, but in a lot better shape than I would have initially imagined.

The photo has some dramatic, visual bells and whistles to it (deep warm colors, long shadows, etc). And if for that reason alone, dunno... I kinda like it, but kinda don't trust it- visual candy, perhaps a tad too saccharine. I'm assuming that's a girl, but dunno that either, or care for that matter. It's San Francisco, and it's not always the case of either, or- so why concern oneself? Like I said- dunno if I even like the picture.
Photo: © S. Banos

Must say- the almost exact positioning (and "pose") of each subject is strikingly... coincidental? And I definitely like the second shot (less is more?), taken a little over a year ago, the first weekend I got my GR- my lucky photography year when pictures seemingly fell outta the skies. Either way, the wife now thinks me a bona fide stalker...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Brief History Of Republican Presidents

During my lifetime, anyways: First, we start with the guy who couldn't take his own advice, then* we go to the guy who repeated whatever his wife whispered in his ear, the guy who told us to read his lips to see if he lied (we did- he did), his son who was known for actually relying on his brain to make decisions (even if his brain actually belonged to someone else). And now, now, we got the guy who seemingly has no real need of one! Have a listen:

And that's why, ladies and gentlemen- we have to keep America for Americans, because everyone (and I do mean everyone) knows it's the only way that proud, patriotic Americans can continue to learn to talk the good English!!! 

*Geez- Almost forgot the comic interlude...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What Next...

Well, I finally got to take a few snaps this past Tax Day (aka- show us your taxes, you lyin' SOB day). And we had quite the decent turnout here in SF for the local protest and march. I never go to "document" these affairs- more like try and find a few worthwhile images as a byproduct thereof. Was accompanied by my GR and FM3A, and while I shot mostly B&W with the FM and 20mm (1 roll- quite a bit for this tres conservative shooter), I did manage to get 2 keepers in color, although both were slightly "compromised."

Photo: © S. Banos

The portrait of the guy was mistakenly taken at ISO 800, while it could've been taken at 200 (drats!!!); it's still very much OK. Truth is, I've gotten much better at reminding myself to watch my ISO- it's just that it would be considerably easier still, if I could actually see it on the screen, alas, it's but the tiniest of blurs (as is the shutter speed). Can make it out with considerable concentration, but...

And the portrait of the female observer taken during the march (worthwhile photos of participants during an actual march, any march, before or after a protest are rare indeed), was taken on the sidelines as she watched in... fear, confusion, defiance? Close analysis will reveal some degree of camera shake (for once, sure wish I had had ISIS, I mean ISIL, I mean some sort of... IBIS?- sorry, really couldn't help that), but it's definitely on the safe side of sharp enough. 

Photo: © S. Banos

Meanwhile, I was having quite the battle in the analog arena just trying to manually focus my damn 20mm! Was I outta practice! I kept going back and forth like a, like a... guy having a really hard time trying to focus! My eyes are shot close up, but they're still pretty damn good in the field. Fact is, focusing with a twenty has never been easy under the best of circumstances; I kept waiting for it to "snap" into focus, but this lens doesn't snap, it more like... gradually coalesces without any digital beep, light or warning. Tough shit if ya don't notice. So it'll be interesting to see not only what's on that roll, but how much is in sharp focus.

Question is- where to go from here; that is, do I even stick with B&W analog? I got enough B&W restorations to see me a lifetime. And what's the use of a nice analog viewfinder- if ya can't even properly use and appreciate it anymore? Perhaps now's the time to finally pick up a "new" XT-1 for $800, it would eliminate the analog/digital, 2 camera balancing act when covering events- but I still haven't found a satisfactory way to post process digital B&W (should that even be a consideration?). Or maybe I should just dust off the bulky 'ol F100- and finally use... its auto focus! 

And while I'm figurin' on that- even though my original Plustek 7200 scanner's still going strong after more than ten years... Plustek refuses to let it jibe with Windows 10. And while there may, or may not be, a way to reconfigure the computerizer to make it go, It would probably be a whole lot cheaper to buy a whole new scanner (even for a few remaining scans) than to accidentally kneecap and sabotage my computer trying to somehow tweak it to run something I know not of...

First World Problems to be sure.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hypocrite In Chief

via: HuffPo
And don't forget the cost of security (incl various family members) at Trump Tower and other hotels, etc- all on our dime... Nice!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

One Of The Sadder Things I've Read In A While

I kept looking for the happy ending, but like oh so many other instances in life- there was none, other than the realization that sometimes (and those times are indeed rare and far in between)- there are real saints in this world

Unlike media hypes like Mother Theresa; often they work in relative anonymity, known only in their local circles. But their work does have consequence, and their lives, and those they serve, do have meaning...

I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people. -Mother Theresa

Friday, April 14, 2017

Why We Don't Need The EPA...

or regulation of any kind (for that matter) on any private business, corporation or government agency for any reason!!!!

Plastic in our sand, oil in our water, cancer in our food- Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

And everyone knows climate change is a hoax.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Hate Teeth!

Anything and everything to do with them! They should be yanked outta our miserable mouths immediately upon birth while we're still writhing, screaming masses to begin with and replaced with detachable metal plates whenever necessary. Forget ceramic look a likes; I don't want anything to remind me of 'em, period. It'll take a generation or two to adjust to aesthetically- but well worth the effort, and the pain and effort saved, if you ask me... 

That's right, I'm in the midst of a two part root canal that will be followed by oral surgery and I am not having fun. Feeling like Dustin Hoffman's double; no joke, I ain't never felt this level of Gitmo at the dentist- ever! I thought I had more than paid my pain dues in full the last coupla years with my kidney stones and Shingles- apparently the universe thinks otherwise...

Wednesday, April 5, 2017