Friday, April 28, 2017


Photo: © S. Banos

Guess I haven't taken a "sunset" since... and that's round about ten years ago. Anyway, minor miracle I even got the (above) shot off considering that 45 minutes prior I almost lay writhing in agony on a bar room floor. No, not from drunken fisticuffs over some imagined slight- I merely reached out for a bar stool, and before even making contact, the sharpest of searing pains shot up my back, bringing tears to my eyes and almost buckling my knees. I slowly retreated into a corner to regain my composure (or call an ambulance), and regained stability after ten minutes. I was sore for the remainder of the weekend, but in a lot better shape than I would have initially imagined.

The photo has some dramatic, visual bells and whistles to it (deep warm colors, long shadows, etc). And if for that reason alone, dunno... I kinda like it, but kinda don't trust it- visual candy, perhaps a tad too saccharine. I'm assuming that's a girl, but dunno that either, or care for that matter. It's San Francisco, and it's not always the case of either, or- so why concern oneself? Like I said- dunno if I even like the picture.
Photo: © S. Banos

Must say- the almost exact positioning (and "pose") of each subject is strikingly... coincidental? And I definitely like the second shot (less is more?), taken a little over a year ago, the first weekend I got my GR- my lucky photography year when pictures seemingly fell outta the skies. Either way, the wife now thinks me a bona fide stalker...


  1. I think it's time for you to do your own version of Naked City, Stan.
    Broad daylight, as opposed to Weegee's approach...

  2. Soon as I get my Speed Graphic!

    Actually, I recently submitted 9 of my best on just that- I'll be sure to post 'em (along with a few choice words) when rejected...