Thursday, December 14, 2017

Black and White... in Color

Photos: © S. Banos

Admittedly, I'm not much of a color photographer, that is, save for one or two exceptions (where color is crucial), I'm shooting what I've always shot- just with color thrown in (as do most people). Sure, there are some additional (or at least different) factors to be considered now (like making sure the colors don't collide or distract), but after 40 somewhat years of shooting exclusively in B&W, this whole dang color thang has been going down a whole lot smoother than imagined! And that's on two counts- I really haven't had to reinvent the wheel in how or what I shoot, and post is now reduced from days to an average of an hour at most. And the latter is why I'll continue to shoot color in the time remaining...

PS- I suppose the B&W photo above is the more aesthetic, but it's the color one below that makes me laugh...

Amazing what a bloody difference color makes!!!


  1. Arrggg, another dick picture. Just joking.

  2. It's another: life affirming, self empowering, positive body image- if it's all the same to you!