Monday, May 6, 2019

... Be Happy!

Photo: © Stan Banos
  1. Shirt and Trousers- CHECK
  2. Jacket- CHECK
  3. Kicks- CHECK 
  4. Chain- CHECK
  5. Shades- CHECK
  6. Lid- CHECK
  7. Earphones- CHECK
  8. Backpack- CHECK

To be completely honest, I am a tad disappointed at the cell phone cover- but no points deducted. The man has clearly gone above and beyond- and I've no doubt the socks would not disappoint... Humankind's ability to accommodate, tune in and rise to the occasion is the stuff of legend- and our capability to look beyond, persevere and overcome whatever malevolence, whatever catastrophe sent our way is indeed formidable. Time and time again, it is our greatest, proven asset!

It's also our greatest liability. Humanity is literally fucking itself in the worst way(s) possible, and there aren't enough grown ups on the entire planet to save us. We Baby Boomers have raped, pillaged and ravaged Mother Earth- laughing all along the way. And while we talk of family values, we are leaving our sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters on down the line a dying planet on the verge of environmental collapse that will lead to: massive drought and flooding, severely diminished fresh water supplies and arable land, worldwide famines and opportunistic epidemics- and the inevitable rise in bloody conflicts for those remaining and rapidly dwindling resources. 

The time to have avoided the worst has long passed, now we can only try to salvage whatever little will remain- and we're steadfastly refusing to do even that. The signs are all around us, the warnings straight up in our face: heat records at all time highs, storms at record power levels, both polar ice caps melting, a Sixth Extinction Event, endemic coral bleaching, insects dying en masse, entire swaths of oceans lifeless, old tree forests cleared and cemented... 

Fortunately, it's all a hoax! It's just a... you know, a cycle- yeah, that! So, let's all do ourselves a favor- dress up, be happy and party like it's 1999!

I mean- who's gonna be alive in 2080... anyway?!?!?!?!

Gotta admit, grandma's really cute- even if she's brain dead...

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