Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rush Limbaugh- Rest In Shit

El Fucko was the first, modern day, Fascist, media blowhard who took the greatest of pride in spreading lies, vitriol and misinformation all at the expense of those who could least afford it. He single handedly set the mold pre-internet for the slew of hate filled racists and misogynists who followed in like manner, each one competing to elevate the hate filled insanity factor ever higher.  Hope they take his millions and his Presidential Medal of Freedom and stick 'em far up his dead ass for his legion of ditto-heads to compete for the joy of extraction. I don't personally believe in hell, but I hope accommodations can be made for those who so earnestly earned it!

Childish rant? Probably. But at least It didn't harm anyone, in any way, at any time...

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