Sunday, January 22, 2023


Photo: © Stan Banos

I remember when they crucified Anita Hill in the '90s for the sake of the pubic hair fabulist (and Supreme Court Justice to be named) Clarence Thomas, he who decried Affirmative Action, only to employ his own very personalized version to outwit and defeat his critics in a basically All White Congressional 'jury,' by ever so sanctimoniously declaring himself the victim of a "high tech lynching." Giving credit where credit due, it was the most effective and sickening display of playing the "race card" by someone who professed to be so adamantly against the slightest hint of it. And the very same White Congressmen who most profoundly condemn said "race card" whenever allegedly used in society at large, cheered wildly as he unashamedly owned and abused it to his, and their advantage.

We were again treated to the same basic storyline in 2018 when human beer mold Brett Kavanaugh was accused of rape by yet another totally believable and truthful female witness, one Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Mr. Kavanaugh lashed out against those who doubted his denial of the accusations with some rather vehement verbal attacks and histrionics that at times bordered on the unhinged.

But this time- there would be an FBI investigation! I remember watching a former FBI agent on a cable news channel describing what such an investigation would entail. He assured viewers that such investigations were thorough beyond imagining, where no stone would remain unturned. Every friend and acquaintance of either party would be meticulously investigated, witness reports corroborated, and agents would personally drive Ms. Blasey around until the house in question where the alleged rape occurred would finally be located and confirmed! Have no doubt, all would be revealed...

Of course, none of the above happened. With Trump at the helm, it was a most deliberate and guaranteed whitewash specifically designed to get his man in. And once again, yet another absolute shit of a human being who openly mocked and degraded any semblance of law and justice was gleefully seated on our nation's highest court. 

Now comes a documentary called Justice, a film that exposes key bits and pieces of viable (and incriminating) information that were purposely ignored, not pursued and intentionally left out of the official 'investigation.' And one can only hope that the film throws open this case anew and ultimately leads to something akin to its title...

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