Monday, September 18, 2023

Black And White And Color

Went to see Matt Black's photographs at the Robert Koch Gallery. All save for one photo consisted of his vintage B&W analog. The prints were magnificent! I stood there thinking how lucky I was to have belonged to this club, to have personally experienced the particular medium as both viewer and practitioner, to have produced (at least technically) somewhat similar work (albeit on a considerably lower level). The nostalgia was palpable. 

Thought I could conjure up something profound to say as to the differences between B&W analog and (digital) color, insights into their individual strengths and processes- and came up with a plethora paucity of... the usual. While comforting and reassuring to know I still appreciated a great B&W print as much as ever, I felt no distinct urge to return, even though I never pictured myself ever departing- it was home, familiar and capable of great beauty, humor or drama. And yet, leave it I did, and I've more than tripled my output since 2016, compared to 4 decades of B&W when I looked more intently at other people's work than actually produce it (not that I didn't want to). And a lot of the work I looked at was color, I could appreciate both mediums equally even though I only practiced one- and it enabled me to hit the ground running when I switched. And still am; at 2 years, 2 months till seventy and peak Social Security (and supposed retirement)... the clock is ticking- loudly!

Photo: © Stan Banos

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