Friday, February 10, 2017

An Inextinguishable Fire

Recently while in NYC, I ended up at MOMA on Free Friday (hear that SFMOMA... FREE!)- which is a good thing since it definitely wasn't worth anywhere near its $25 Regular Admission fee. In fact, the one thing, the only thing that really caught my eye was a vintage B&W video describing the evil that is... napalm. Nothing terribly "entertaining" to be sure, but I found it of interest on several levels, not to mention for its minimalist presentation and historical value, but mostly for its brutally honest narration that grabs your attention and forces you to honestly consider just how we absorb and interpret information- particularly that which records and documents the pain and suffering of others...

Still, I could in no way predict, anticipate or even contemplate just how this rather stark and straight forward accounting would culminate. See the entire video here...


  1. That and Agent Orange. Three million still suffer the effects of AO in Vietnam and 1.5 million children are alive today with birth defect in Vietnam because of AO. The US government and the companies that made AO refuse to take any responsibility nor admit that AO has caused these hideous side effects.

  2. Yup. Agent Orange is the "gift" that keeps on giving to this very day, courtesy of Dow and Monsanto's chemical contamination that induces hideous genetic malformations and other horrendous health abnormalities. To say nothing of the live, uncounted and unaccountable ordinance via the US of A that continues to kill and maim throughout Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos.