Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Two For The Road

Photo: Louis Porter

Bought two other books while in NYC, one was called Bad Driving by Louis Porter. Although I've never met Mr. Porter, I find it relatively safe to say we share two things, a love of photography, and a not so great fondness for the road- or more specifically, driving upon it. The book features various signs and other roadside sundries that have been knocked silly by the careless and accident afflicted. Porter's keen eye transforms these funny, colorful snapshots into compositions that appeal to an art house, aesthetic banality. And his other essays, like Crap Paint Jobs and Emergency Assembly Points also delight with their humor and engaging visuals- always great to see in the, oh so serious, world of photography!

The other book is Manhattan Out by Magnum photographer Raymond Depardon. A series of street photographs taken in the seventies- it depicts "my" New York, so I'm particularly drawn to them. While not particularly innovative or spectacular for that matter- they do have a dark, foreboding dread about them. Besides, how many Steidl books can ya pick up for a twenty (at Strand)?

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