Tuesday, June 13, 2017

If You're Not Angry...

What kind of person are you? So asks Ken Loach, whose most recent film I, Daniel Blake presents an aging carpenter hitting on hard times, times that will not be unfamiliar with many working class Americans. It's a small film with no major stars, but it packs an emotional wallop mercifully without the usual Hollywood histrionics. And it does so because the actors are so very, very credible and the story line without contrivance. 

The divisions between classes, socially, economically are ever deepening- and in turn being used against us, and often with our own consent- consciously or not. And those naive enough to think America a classless society are truly unhinged. I, Daniel Blake does not preach, if anything, it's almost documentary in pacing; it depicts the anonymous lives of those struggling to stay head over water, young and old. People we walk amongst every day...


  1. Saw it today for Father's Day. A beautiful film. Sad first. Angry second.
    Thanks heads up.

  2. Typo. Thanks for the heads up....