Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Street Foto San Francisco 2017

One of the better photo exhibits I've seen in a while in San Francisco is currently at Photoworks.* It features work by Daniel Arnold, Aaron Berger and Troy Holden, replete with a colorful variety of the pleasures and surprises the street can offer. 

I didn't stay long after perusing the work at the official opening; there was many a photographer there and while they all seemed nice enough blokes, I didn't know any of 'em, ain't much of a mingler and all the Leica's strung about their necks and shoulders made me slightly nauseous. So I ambled my way unto the street where soon enough- yet another Leica guy thrust his camera in my face and snapped away... Can't complain too much when karma slaps ya upside the head (with a Leica no less)... OK, so what if I've always secretly kinda lusted for one- fortunately, economics prevented me from becoming the guy I would feel uneasy becoming. 

Tomorrow (if my mouth isn't completely swollen from the dental surgery I'm scheduled for in the afternoon), I'll hit SF Camerawork to catch Blake Andrews and Steven Bollman- won't stay too long for that one either (gotta watch them Dubs in The Finals)- sorry, Blake!

Other good stuff happening at The Harvey Milk Center include lectures by: Don Hudson, Bruce Gilden, Jesse Marlow, etc. 

*In the interest of full disclosure Photoworks has made some great quality prints for me this year in color and B&W- and no, not a paid endorsement...

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