Friday, July 21, 2017

Living In Alternia

Bob Mueller peering into an alternate reality in the making (propped up by a hostile foreign entity).   Photo: © S. Banos

Split personalities are not limited to Hollywood psycho-killers, we have one for a President: one half, barely rational moron, the other- totally delusional, (semi)-successful, outright con man deluxe. And some people like it just-like-that... because in all the subsequent confusion and disarray of alternative facts and priorities, that's how they get to dismantle a (somewhat) functional democracy once and for all into the little fiefdom(s) these wannabe warlords seek to either pervert, or dismember- while the rest of us shout in vain that the house is on fire... 


  1. And now we won't have Spicey to kick around any more. Wouldn't it be ironic if Sean Spicer's next job is media outreach director for Nikon or some other camera company?

  2. While I was in Guatemala I was chatting with an American doctor about Trump. He made a good point, all the American people care about is the economy. If the economy is better in 4 years than it is today Trump will be reelected. If it's not, he's gone. Plain and simple. Self interest and greed at all levels of society.

  3. That has Always been the case. And every POTUS on either side has been a lying SOB to one extent or another, promising just that. Trump knew how to pay and play politicos, but he's an alien to their actual world of operations. He's always relied on others to save his butt when things went boom in his face, and then cut and ran to his next debacle. But he's a sitting target now, and knows full well what befalls him should his long and dour history come undone- like that thin wisp of a comb over in a strong wind.

    Threats and bombast won't always see ya home, when you have to answer to others...