Friday, April 26, 2019

On Holiday...

Frozen In Time... Photography in a nutshell.

Like an aging beauty queen, San Francisco still has its charms; but while the tech industry has poured google plus amounts of $$$ into the economy, it is money that remains very much within the confines of their private virtual reality. The downtown area and adjoining SOMA (South of Market St.) neighborhoods are now 24/7 open air toilets* amidst their ever propagating towers of luxury apt buildings and five dollar coffee cafes. The homeless, the (seriously) mentally disturbed and the drug addled now roam the streets en masse like like a united full scale zombie nation, morning, noon and night...

All Photos: © Stan Banos

The area bordering Sixth and Tenth Streets between Mission and Market is an outright zombie apocalypse of the walking wounded, people with: needles sticking out their necks, arms and legs, arguing vehemently with themselves or yelling at passerby before passing out in their own filth. And the longer we continue to ignore them, curse them and just wish the problem away- the more their numbers have grown and the farther removed from reality we both continue to become.

Sometimes while walking through the midst of that daily stench and depravity, it actually feels as if the ancient embodiment of evil unearthed in The Exorcist once again lives and thrives amongst us, guided by the offices directly overhead that house the head over heels tax incentive beneficiaries: Twitter, Uber, Yahoo and countless other tech start ups... 

PS- I'll be on vacation next coupla weeks, we're going for the road trip we never took last year through the southern states (from DC to New Orleans), when we got hurricaned and flooded out- if it happens again, we got plan B through The Rust Belt. Either way, got my MAGA** hat, Lock Her Up and Build The Wall T-shirts ready to roll (joke, small joke). See yas in late May when I return for my radiation treatment courtesy of Verizon who insists it's 4G, while those actually installing it (PG & E) swear it's... 5g! Sounds all legal and legit to me, no?
*Thanks, Eric!! **via Gotham!

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