Sunday, April 7, 2019

Permission To Radiate American Citizens

Well, below was my say (3 minute Max) at an appeal to deny putting up a 5G cell phone antenna directly opposite out apartment. To say it fell on deaf ears would be an understatement- it was a show trial at its best, a pure procedural SCAM writ large. I also presented detailed medical documentation (highlighting: abnormal brain scans, profound memory loss, etc)- which of course, they never looked at before officially approving Verizon's request bribe to install. If I babble incoherently (more than usual) in the near future, well...........

And so one day soon, we'll see them erect said antenna outside our bedroom window and just wait to see what short and long term effects their little experiment will have on our health... And remember- this shit's coming to your (USA) neighborhood as well!


Radiation- can't see it*, can't touch it, can't even feel it; that’s its very nature- the ability to invisibly go right through walls and windows unimpeded, and penetrate our very cells, changing, mutating and permanently damaging our DNA forever.  

In California it is illegal to install and operate cell towers and antennae near any fire station. Under the CA SB649 exemption for firefighters, no one involved is allowed to acknowledge the reasons, even though it is common knowledge that EMR radiation emanating from such antennae wrecked havoc with the health and well being of the firefighters within the station in question. A myriad of serious, short term health problems resulted: skin rashes, memory loss, fatigue, mood swings, headaches and confusion that led to basic inabilities to perform their required tasks; the long term health effects remain unknown.

These antennae so affected the very strongest and healthiest among us that it prevented them from carrying out their life saving responsibilities- and yet... it is perfectly legal to place them in close proximity to pregnant women, infants, the infirm, and the elderly. This is criminal conduct in any civilized nation, criminal conduct that was paid for and condoned on the state and federal level. And by placing these antennae atop city owned property, it will position companies like Verizon to argue that if people do develop long term health complications due to long term EMR exposure- it will be the fiscal responsibility of the city of San Francisco, not their company to deal with...

The tobacco companies repeatedly reassured us that their product was, in fact, safe and non addictive, and public alarm, both unnecessary and alarmist. Trust us they said, we would not put your health at risk- our studies don't lie, our researchers don't lie, and we, the company executives would certainly never lie. Studies and reality proved otherwise. The pharmaceutical companies told us that opiates such Oxycontin and Oxycodone were safe as prescribed and also non addictive- once again, profit and propaganda triumphed over truth and science. 

Verizon says it will take EMR readings, and that naturally, they will be well within safety limits. Their readings, however, will in no way whatsoever reflect the real dosage of what we will absorb 24/7, day after day, week after week, year after year as we eat, rest and go about our lives at home. Radiation will continuously penetrate our: skin, organs, skull and brain tissue while we sleep. And let’s not forget that radiation damage is cumulative- permanent and cumulative.

Once again, the refrain echoes anew, “Trust us...”

*if one actually could- game over...


  1. stan we are fighting a battle that in no way can be won! It is fueled by greed and so-called progress that in return is slowly killing us. Corporate America doesn't give a shit about us

    1. Yes, yes, and... yes. Instead of making the most basic of transitions to accommodate what is essentially a planet entering its death throes, we continue to suck out every last drop of everything we can out of it- cause we all know we get to take it all with us!

      Or as a Trump supporter once said, "Who's gonna be alive around here anyway in forty years?"