Thursday, September 15, 2016


Photo: © S. Banos

I love this portrait. And it came out fairly well despite two major errors, one more technical which can be filed under the "new camera, new technology excuse," the other under... "I should have known better." 

I'd often forget to focus whenever I tried using a rangefinder, and since the GR doesn't even look or feel like a "real" camera, I sometimes start shooting away and... neglect to reset exposure settings! I could set it to Program, but this doesn't happen that often, and I don't like relinquishing complete control. Shot @ ISO 800 and 1/400 f3.5- I coulda, shoulda had a technically better quality shot at ISO 400, a lower shutter speed and higher aperture. But... I just plain forgot to adjust settings- without that separate shutter speed dial out in plain sight acting as reminder, I'm gonna continue to commit that oversight from time to time...

My second error is inexcusable; I sold this picture short, and I sold my subject short- even as I was in the act of taking it. For some reason (not the greatest light, composition, whatever...), I got it to mind that ultimately, it was just somehow doomed to end up an "almost." Chimping confirmed it... close, but no cigar.

When I opened it at home on the monitor however, I finally got to see her face, really see it, and goddamn, had I ever sold her short! Fortunately (for some blessed reason), she sure didn't do me likewise. She gave everything she had- gave it all up to a complete stranger, and despite my dumb ass attitude and absent minded self sabotage, GR was still competent enough to salvage the day... I didn't capture that serene like display of dignity and humility, defiance and vulnerability- she willed it.

Bottomline: If ya fail, ya fail. But never, ever, sell yourself, your photo, and especially your subject, short- you owe all of them that much.

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  1. I love the idea behind this post about images and owing it to your subject, to apply oneself to really making an image. I have to remember this always, and then I also forget sometimes as well. Or sometimes I am just not feeling that in-yer-face about it so I do not go that extra distance.