Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ownin' It!

Photo: © S. Banos

Went through the entire Labor Day weekend without one goddang photo to show for it. And there I was going for coffee on work a day Tuesday- when I spotted her from across the street, ran halfway back down the block, crossed and then positioned myself so we would cross paths. And I must say, my opinion has gone through various levels of consideration since first stopping dead in my tracks (however briefly) upon first viewing...

The United States may be the second highest in obesity rates (I believe Mexico has the highest percentage), but we're still #1 when it comes to sheer mass, size and volume. And our attitude concerning it is completely schizophrenic. On one side we proclaim and emphasize the plethora of life threatening dangers it presents to our health, both long and short term. On the other side... we are actively encouraged to love and be proud of our bodies- no matter how damn big they get! Whatever the TV, radio show or self help book- it seems they all take turns promoting both sides, in equal manner. And no one wants to be seen as bad mouthing either side, since you're made to seem as if you're willingly championing the very shortening of people's lives- or... you're just a plain out and out hater!

I remember as recently as the early seventies, looking at photos of old time circus freaks and wondering how on earth anyone could ever possibly reach that size. And now, on any given day, on any given block in any small town, large city or patch of rural glen in the US of A, you will see obesity the size of which makes those old time record holders of yore look like rank amateur wannabes. It really has been one incredible, whirlwind transformation of sheer size and audacity!

Nevertheless, upon looking at this photo- I can't help but look at her with a certain sense of jealous wonder and admiration. She's well beyond working it, she already owns it- like yesterday! Girl don't give a fuck. In her mind, she's curvaceous, proud and goddamn beautiful as could possibly be... and she don't give a fuck! Like the Republicans under W stated, "We create our own reality." And giving credit where credit is due, from the very tips of her pink finger nails to the bright blue crease of her bikini bottom- she is front, right and center of hers!

Wish I had half the confidence and security. Me, I make sure to wear a shirt if I go to the beach (should I ever go to one).


  1. Was she on the way to Walmart? That seems to be the mother ship for people like her.

  2. No, no Walmart here, fortunately. But I'll take a ticket wherever she's going...