Monday, October 10, 2016


What better than Indigenous People's Day to announce my second book in this year's holy trilogy of releases! A lot less hoopla than the previous announcement (guess I can always blame that on the corrupting influence of... color). 

Peopl(e) features 40 B&W images taken from the grand archives, focusing on environmental portraiture. Although the photographs in this volume go back as far as the late '70s, the vast majority were taken much more recently, most in this 21st. of centuries.

Enjoy; and again- best way to see is to tune in to free preview (don't forget to embiggen). See ya'll soon for the upcoming (third) release (Hint: No people).


  1. Another great book. Now we will hear all the moaning about how you "don't get any respect" from the book reviewers. Alas our friend the Rodney Dangerfield of photography.

  2. Hey- I loved Rodney way (waaaay!) before he was ever in a movie.

    Anyway, can't complain (even if I errrr wanted to)- how many "legit" photo reviewers even look at Blurb books by complete unknowns? Not to mention that most kinds of street derivative photography has long fallen of the radar of the photographic art world- even that names in that community don't get no respect.

    Basically the B&W books serve as a personal incentive to continue my B&W restorations (some grueling shit), and the color book was just a celebration for something I haven't done in 40 yrs! I really don't expect anything to come of them...