Friday, October 21, 2016


Stuff- the last of the lot! And FWIW, my personal fave of the current three books- probably something to do with being a misanthrope at heart. It's majority "people free" and consists of landscapes, cityscapes, the common and not so common detritus of humanity and western civilization. 

What do I think of the quality of the reproductions on Blurb? Well, once you get over the initial shock that the reproductions on page are not going to exhibit anywhere near the quality say... on your calibrated desktop monitor or quality ink jet print, nowhere near the vibrancy of colors, or the rich subtleties and deep tonalities of monochrome, once you get over that initial hump- you come to accept the reality that all things considered, they're not that bad at all (on their premium paper). As previously stated, it makes for a good bare bones dummy of the book ya really want. And that said, I've seen (and own) many a photo book by many a name photographer where the reproductions are certainly no better.

As for the future, already putting something together concerning my Folsom St. Fair photos, or as a fellow photographer referred to them- my "dick pictures." Then perhaps on to my long neglected panoramas, and few other hundred ...

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