Friday, August 19, 2016


     All photos: © S. Banos

There's an ongoing meme that Trump is so popular among (certain portions of) the masses simply because they are sick of being lied to by politicians, sick of having their middle class status further and further eroded without any hope of being bettered any time soon- socially or economically. They are voting for Trump because he is the only one who listens, the only one who cares, the only one who's telling it like it is. Trump was and is the one and only alternative... and we have just to give him that opportunity- no matter what he says.

And that is such an outright, obvious and complete crock of shit!

So let's set it straight. There was another alternative. There was someone who was for restoring a vibrant, working middle class; someone who was for a more equitable distribution of wealth; someone who was for keeping and restoring living wage jobs right here in America. His name was Bernie Sanders. And if restoring the middle class to prominence was the real incentive for voting among Trump supporters- they wouldn't be supporting a man who was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, a man who has never dirtied his hands (with actual working dirt) in his entire life, a man who has a long and sordid history of stiffing working stiffs every chance he gets throughout his entire career. This is a guy who looks upon ordinary millionaires as trailer trash, forget the working, middle class.

So yes, let's talk straight, as The Donald so likes to think he does- Trump supporters love him so because he is brazenly, unapologetically and whole-heartedly racist. He is that last, great desperate gasp at sustaining the White Supremacy mind set that has ruled America since its inception. That is his very simple, naked, and... only basis of appeal. He's not scared to talk the White man talk, and blame anything and everything on those who ain't. And when it comes down to it, that's what so much of White America so desperately wants to hear again, over and over again...

Trump, NYC

Yeah, it be nice to have good paying jobs with a more secure future and better all around economic, educational and financial prospects- but that takes a whole lotta work, and cooperation all around. Screw that! It was a whole lot better, easier and less complicated when Whites ruled by simple edict and everyone else knew their place and did as was told. 

That's the promise of Trump- and I for one gotta admit that there's more than a little part of me that wants him to win. Cause if he ever does become President, I want to look straight into the eyes of all the working class slobs who voted for him, as what remains of their world no longer slowly disintegrates, but implodes on the fast track to oblivion- and they finally, finally realize that Trump couldn't have ever possibly cared less about any of their sorry, fair skinned plights. 

And I won't stick around too long to gloat, cause I know who'll still get blamed... no matter what- and it ain't the guy at 56th and 5th.

El Pendejo Trump, San Francisco


  1. Nice job, Stan! Please keep the blog going...

  2. Trump is such a joke. I bet he goes home each night and laughs his head off at how gullible his followers are. And now he has brought on an accused sexual predator as a senior advisor. His judgment is wanting for sure. On the other hand it shows how the old boys club "Trumps" everything. It's been reported his wife was an escort. I don't know anything about that, whether it's true or not, but it follows that anything Trump has to pay for on an ongoing basis he just buys and makes it his procession. Who knows it's just what people are saying. But people also say where there is smoke there is fire.


  3. You don't have to follow the smoke with this guy- he's the one toting the gasoline. And should he ever become President... the matches too.