Monday, August 29, 2016

Lo And Behold!

Going to the flicks is one of the few (semi) affordable means of entertainment that The Wife and I avail ourselves to on a regular basis. And although we usually do not attend the Hollywood blockbusters, it's still not unusual for us to go to a local cinema two, three times a month. That has been a regular pattern for many a year- until this one. First, we blamed it on the usual bland Holiday megabombs, but the winter thawed, Spring came and went, and on came the Summer with the usual explosions, invasions- and no relief in sight. We've seen a grand total of maybe half a dozen movies since The Revenant, none of them particularly memorable. I don't ever remember this bad a movie drought, basically because... it's never been this bad! Why, I don't know...

And I didn't think I would be able to make it through Lo and Behold with Werner Herzog's Teutonic droning about our current state of technology (particularly when I now have trouble staying still in any seat for any length of time with my ongoing Shingles), but I once again sold the master short as he pieced together a very interesting collection of insights, interviews and anecdotes on where technology has been, where it's taken us, and what it may yet have in store- good, bad, and indifferent...


PS- During one interview, an entire family is composed as if sitting for a family group photo using a still camera with a wide angle. At one point the camera then shifts to a close up of the mother declaring something to the effect that the internet is... evil incarnate. And considering the circumstances this particular family endured- it's not all hyperbole.

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