Monday, August 22, 2016


 Photo: © Lisa Wood

Curiously, taking the photo on the previous post was a rather rapid fire affair since people were walking up to the statue on a non stop basis, doing their thing for the camera and then
All that was left in NYC...  AP Photo/Mary Altaffer
making way for the next participant. I'm the guy in the pork pie, laughing when the guy crouching next to the statue whipped out a tape measure to place next to Trump's micro penis. Another guy brought a magnifying glass and yet another dressed it up in a Mexican sombrero, with a poncho draped over his shoulder and a burrito on his arm! It was all very casual and in good fun, but yours truly was having considerable problems... More than once, I'd draw my GR up to eye level and hold my F3 at arms' length (talk about awkward), and when I corrected the latter and got the shot off, I'd wonder why the shutter wouldn't go off again (oh yeah, the advance lever). How easy we forget...

Anyway, talk about funny- and downright insane...

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