Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Photo: © S. Banos

Alas, someday, somewhere, somehow, some dedicated, digital forensic archaeologist of the future will rediscover the skeletal remains of Reciprocity Failure and ponder how yet another MacArthur Grant Recipient managed to squander his good fame and fortune. Or something like that. Last year was an all out disaster, this year even worse, and I just couldn't keep keeping on at the "scene of the crime;" hopefully at some point I'll get around to refilling say... my fave 20 posts with the missing photos for posterity's sake. Tried giving this new venue a different look, but that didn't work either- so here we are at the somewhat new, but surprisingly familiar... trying to look forward.

Welcome to those who remain, and those yet to come, and rest assured that all that follows is both irrefutably and undeniably Based On A True Story...


  1. Congratulations on starting this new venture, and best wishes for its success.

  2. Thanks, Stan- much obliged...

    Ya know what MLK said: Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

    PS- Obviously, not anywhere near that league... more like- I can't keep my trap shut forever.

  3. Good to have a corner to hang and bs with my buds again. Chew the fat as it were.