Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Banned On PetaPixel!!

I know- Oh, the Humanity... I, Stanley Joseph Banos- officially banned on PetaPixel! How does one ever live this down... 

PP is like the Yahoo News of photography, and the comments section is very much likewise. I don't blame it for the former, while it features a shitload of shit (far as photography is concerned), it also features the occasional worthwhile news bit if only by default. And the really sad "commentary" on all of this is... it's one of the few online forums left anywhere today where one could "openly" discuss (ie- comment on) the various photographic topics at hand. Unfortunately, many of the commenters (not to mention many of the actual posts) are as knowledgeable about photography as... the average Trump supporter commenting on Yahoo. 

OK, OK- who the fuck do I think I am anyway... Mr. no name, no gallery, nobody! Admittedly, no one. So why was I booted off PP? For being misogynist, homophobic, racist? No, no, no- you can find plenty of them commenting on PP on any given day! I was officially booted for being... "negative!"

Here are the lengthiest comments (again, in response to queries) on the last post I was officially banned on, which were the very... very... last... straw:

Yes, you too can no doubt feel the abhorrent, malevolent "negativity" soothing from my very pores! Almost makes one ill- doesn't it? My preceding comment on this post was in response to a comment asking what National Parks had to do with politics. I had simply responded that it was the political activism of concerned citizens that established our National Parks to begin with! Again- the epitome of "negativity. " Of which I was informed I had a long, lonnnng history of over the past years...

And my "negativity' knows no bounds- as one can plainly witness... here.

But fuck me, and fuck Petapixel- Again... the sad thing in all of this is that there are so very, very few places left to discuss photography in a fairly decent manner anywhere online (FB be damned)....


  1. Your just the Lenny Bruce of photo forums. PP is about as scummy as it gets. Just shy of click bait as far as I'm concerned. You know you are truly scum if you get banned from TOP ;)

  2. Stan, think of all the time you've wasted trying to argue and talk sense on PP.
    That's done, and you've freed all that time up. You'll have plenty of time now to mess with your new printer.

    But, if you really need to argue, you've got my email address...
    I love a good argument.

  3. Some have asked why I would even bother to comment on PP, twofold: 1) ya can't always preach to the choir, 2) it was one helluva way to keep ya sharp.

    mudhouse- As much as I can tolerate arguing amongst the masses at large, I still don't have the patience for a printer- least not yet...

  4. Waaaa!
    (A Getting-hit-on-the-head lesson.)

    It was just a poke in the ribs, Stan.
    Another thing for you to bitch about...

  5. You know a printer is not far behind. You have already succumbed to the gateway drug - digital camera. You can fight it all you want but in the end you WILL be assimilated.

  6. Dave- Exactly what it will be!!! If and when... make-no-doubt.
    Something neither I, nor the wife, look forward to...

    Eric- I ain't fighting it, uh uh- just get suckered in.
    I'm laying low and easy...