Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Curious World

Photo: © S. Banos

We now live in a rather curious reality of competing truths and alternate facts. And if anyone was actually listening to the other, they'd soon reach the same paradoxical crossroad where they discover that either side accuses the other of the same crimes and abuses- and often... using the same terms and language. It's the other that's corrupt, the other that is trying to take away and tear down our rights and Constitution, the other that manufactures and believes fake news- and on and on it goes...

And so the question arises- could both sides possibly be... right? Well, many are most definitely mad at the very same things, and while either side most definitely deserves to be angry- the difference comes down to who and what to blame, and why. But like the saying goes, "You have the right to your own opinion- but not your own facts."

The mid-America that overwhelmingly elected Trump is now besieged by every plight and ailment that was previously perceived as the "exclusive" domain of inner city America: massive under and unemployment, wholesale societal neglect and the resulting and inevitable, wanton drug addiction. Those were always their problems, that they single handedly brought upon themselves because of: poor choices, bad life styles and flat out laziness, if nothing else. But now the shoe is more... one size fits all, and it is anything but a comfortable fit. How could this happen to the proud and silent majority, the flag waving patriots, those who traditionally got to look down and point the finger at darker regions elsewhere?

We could as mature, responsible adults recognize our common plight and future, and finally strive to work together to end these historic national ills (that clearly affect one and all), once and for all. But we are neither. 

So we gather on round the usual tried and true- the "savior" who will protect us from all the savage ills and mendacious accusations inflicted by "the other." Once again, he will lead us straight into the redemptive repetition of shameless blaming and vindictive attacks- the easiest, most well traveled road, for those who seldom venture. And once again end up exactly where we started... except, worse.

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