Thursday, March 30, 2017

On Droughts And Weather

Well, the CA drought may well be over (it's rained a ton and then some) but I've got me own going. Last year, shitty as it was, was probably the most productive ever; this year, thus far... absolute crickets. And even though the shots ain't falling, experience dictates I take it all in stride... Of course, it just never sits well- does it?

As mentioned previously, some would say: the excitement of the new (ie- new camera, new medium, etc) has finally waned, I'm simply not trying hard enough, etc, etc... And sorry, no- every bit as motivated and every bit trying hard as ever. Shit just hasn't been going down is all; every corner I turn, instead of finally finding something to salvage the day- I just get another sorry bagful of... nothing!

Things will come around eventually- no doubt. It's just an all out shit feel when you're doing your part, and the whole bloody universe acts like it just don't care! 

'magine that...


  1. We care Stan ;) I went for 3 years once and got nothing better than family pics. Decided to change my focus from what I had been after to something entirely different. That worked and eventually the original stuff I use to shoot started to reappear as well.

  2. Yeah, this too shall pass- just another cycle, and while certainly nothing new... just flat out sucks when you're caught in the middle of it. Every time things are going good, ya kinda tell yourself- this time you're gonna keep riding it and never let go, this time ya got it by the tail, this time...