Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Of Smiles And Mysteries

As I've previously and unequivocally stated, I can't stand pictures with smiling people. So as I peered through the microscopic rear view mirror of my GR as best my non existent, close up vision now possibly allows, and lined up the composition at the corners- I just prayed that everything else would magically fall into place- pretty much the usual formula I've been using for the last year and a half with fairly decent results, though certainly not one I would recommend.

And when I finally glanced upon the recorded image, I was pleased to see the composition sound... only there it was- the killer nail right smack front and center, a smiley face! Almost deleted it right there and then, but decided to save it if only as an aside- besides, a coupla beers awaited.*

Once home, I opened it anew, and there before me sat a man both regal and unbroken, a man who probably has more to complain about in one day than I do my whole life... and he's giving me, a total stranger standing in traffic and asking a favor, his unconditional approval- who am I to deny the world (t)his happy, triumphant moment in all its vibrancy?

Photo: © S. Banos

*As for the mystery as to why I've been getting as many shots recently on Fri early eves on my foray to and from the local pub- it finally struck me, not that hard to figure really... This 3 square block section of town in SF sees perhaps the widest gamut of socio-economic disparity imaginable in the western world at any given time on any given day. On Friday quitting time, it's as if they're all unleashed in one mad, mutual tsunami: the homeless trying (in vain) to hit up whoever catches their eye, junkies shooting up in plain view while others walk about alternately conversing, laughing, then arguing with... themselves- and The Hi-Tech Haves rush and zig-zag about in the most desperate dance of all, trying to board their Ubers before having to acknowledge any one of 'em; all this and more in the most dramatic Golden Hour light imaginable. So yeah, come to think of it, the time can be rife with possibility...

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