Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Deal Utopias...

Photo: © Jason Reblando

Well, for someone who said that photo books weren't lighting his fire of late, this is the second one I heartily recommend in a matter of a coupla weeks. I first caught sight of it on A Photo Editor which publishes This Week In Photography Books every Friday, and is a consistent source of what's worthwhile and out there (another being the Photo-Eye Bookstore).

I was anxious to get New Deal Utopias upon first viewing online- and like I said, I don't get much excited by most books of late... In a word, the photos had presence, the images not only grabbed my attention, they sustained it- and like a good song, I wanted to experience them better and keep going back to them. The subject matter is an interesting one on paper, but not one you'd think exactly conducive to memorable vistas, or photographs for that matter. In a word, the locale is pretty... mundane; fortunately, most of the photographs are anything but... Jason Reblando manages to make complex yet subtle compositions of the surrounding area with a poetic, discerning eye- don't believe mine's as nuanced to so effectively discern such beauty from such banality.

One small caveat- some of the photos (particularly in the beginning of the book) are printed considerably flat and on the light side- I don't know if that's the photographer's preference or just a printing shortcoming,  either way, it was not sufficient to deter me form appreciating the book as a whole... This work will not be denied.

Jason Reblando - New Deal Utopias from Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg on Vimeo.

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