Saturday, November 26, 2016


Can't stay too mad at that face.
It was not the best of sounds. The first rapidly followed by several others. Unrecognizable sounds loud enough to wake me from sleep, and disturbing enough to register as the kind from which no good could possibly come. As I quickly approached consciousness, the thought began to manifest... is that the sound my Ricoh GR would make should it fall off the desk and bounce upon the floor?

The light instantly revealed said GR on bedroom floor, Nelson's curly tail rapidly scurrying from the scene of the crime. Someone had probably started playing with the wrist strap, got himself entangled, panicked, and...

I quickly picked it up- no scratches, dings or other perceptible trauma. Even the knock off plastic VF that gives you an instant headache should you be foolish enough to try and look through it was intact. But would it turn on? Yes! But would it actually work, I was still too groggy to be certain. So I yelled at the cat, and placed it back on my desk- right next to the brand new case I had bought that day and placed beside it when I'd gone to bed! 

Fortunately, the GR works just fine, and one eyed Nelson still occasionally runs into furniture .
(cat photo: Lisa Wood)


  1. Ha ha! The cat wanted you to do some late minute Black Friday camera shopping it seems! :)

  2. Then he should get me some$$$...