Friday, November 11, 2016

Clown Car Redux

Photo: © S. Banos

I spent the majority of Tues evening laughing like an idiot at the insanity that was unraveling around me- it was either that or, or...

Now, it's finally beginning to dawn on me that I'm gonna have to listen to that shrill, whining drone for the next four, long fuckin' years! Should I dare look up, a bloated orange face will be snarling down upon me, emitting its oft repeated, 4th gr vocab of vile accusations and innuendo. He's already whining that the spontaneous protests that erupted immediately in response to his election were the work of "professionals incited by the media." And that it was all... "Very Unfair!" I mean, Joe McCarthy would be embarrassed to be seen with the guy... I thought after eight, long, years of unintelligible murmurings from W, we were finally done with voting for the most clueless clown in town. Not only do we now have yet another intellectual incompetent, we now have one who actually physically mocks people with disabilities in the incredulous effort to make himself appear more... Presidential.

At least Governor Perry of Texas effectively elevated himself to the IQ level of a male model when he donned glasses in a futile attempt to rebrand himself a Republican capable of thought.

Photo: © S. Banos


Eric Rose said...

I think the west coast of the US plus British Columbia and Alberta should join as one country. We in Alberta have the oil and all kinds of other natural resources, BC has loads of Chinese money plus California alone would be the 8th largest economy in the world. We could be like Switzerland and be neutral. Let the rest of the world fight their battles, we don't need the stress. Oh ya and we would have Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook. Just think of the possibilities.

Stan B. said...

Yeah, there's actually peripheral talk of a Calexit- this would be more attractive still! Where do we sign the papers?