Sunday, November 13, 2016

Congratulations White America!

Photo: © S. Banos

This year a man ran for President who heard your voice- a man who was attuned to your specific economic needs, your daily suffering, your legitimate gripes and complaints. He offered real solutions to those problems politicians had ignored for decades. He had your back, and not a moment to soon...

And most of you ignored him in droves. Instead of listening to what he actually had to say, the logical, workable solutions he proposed to the very problems that concern us most- you hastily called him a dirty, filthy, Pinko, Commie; and when you discovered he was a Jew- there was the automatic Strike Two and Three, you just knew deep down inside!

As you have, time and time again through the history of this country (as well as others)- you listened to your fear, your deepest, darkest most ingrained fear, and opted for that great, grand charlatan who inflamed it, added more, and then offered the most juvenile, nonsensical excuses to ease your worried brow. As usual, you voted against your own best interest. You voted for a man who has a made a life long career of stiffing every working class person he has ever come into contact with- up to and including his very campaign staffers. As usual, you didn't vote for a man who offered solutions, you voted for the man who fed your fears then offered the usual scapegoats you could easily blame with the least amount of thought, effort or concern. The right choice, the time honored choice- the Whitest guy with the easiest answers!

So what if you're an Evangelical and he's never touched a Bible, so what if you're a mother raising a virtuous daughter, so what if he occasionally enjoys mocking people with disabilities (really, don't we all?)- and who could care less if the self proclaimed "King of Debt" billionaire farms out his jobs to other countries, imports foreign workers (while frantically demonizing them) and pays less taxes than you. You're voting the values and qualities that are gonna Make America Great Again- and we have your wisdom and insight (and that of the KKK) to thank!!! Good job...


  1. Time to get over it and just live your life. His real impact on the day to day lives of most Americans will be minimal. Fours years really isn't that long. By that time he will be exposed as the disgusting duffus he is and he will be gone. He might even quite before his term expires.

  2. Unfortunately, many Americans are already being impacted in their daily lives by the wave of hate crimes that has already begun to sweep across the country (see link: Make America Great Again)! If he hasn't already been "exposed" for what he really is- what absolute horror will it then take? I really don't feel like quietly waiting around for that.

    I also don't think he may last the 4 yrs- but then what do we get... another fascist wing nut with a slightly higher IQ.

  3. Don't get me wrong I think Trump is a total disaster however out of a population of 320 million the press blows up a handful of racist incidents and makes it seem like a "wave". The media in the US is just as bad as Trump. People have got to put things in perspective. Those wankers that did these terrible things would more than likely have done them anyway I have been in hot spots when CNN was reporting. They would setup and then attract a handful of people yelling and waving signs. The media would crop their angles in such a way that it would seem that the entire street or village was protesting. Once the lights shut off everyone went back to their normal behaviour. The more often they would show up the bigger the crowd. Everyone wanted to get on TV.

  4. I too have witnessed situations as you've described- but keep in mind these are incidents occurring far from the camera's eye committed by racist cowards.

  5. There will be always be these cowards. They were there before Trump, and after Trump becomes a bad memory.

  6. Absolutely, only now after months of incendiary racist rhetoric (and action), they feel they have license to practice their racist fantasies- and have been doing so. Often they include taunts as to what are their victims going to do now that "they" are back in power.