Tuesday, June 26, 2018

David Goldblatt

Photo: David Goldblatt*

Unlike most photo-documentarians and or journalists of the time, David Goldblatt took a different route in depicting a society based on racial degradation. He showed us a different aspect of a history and policy that helped reflect and reveal the everyday evil. He depicted how Whites and Blacks interacted with each other- and how they didn't. He wasn't one of the famous Bang Bang Club photographers that documented the explosive demonstrations and other infamous events that kept South Africa on the world map during the turbulent Apartheid era.

Instead, he showed what mundane, routine life was like, behind the scenes in: homes, neighborhoods and city streets. He provided a much more nuanced vision of what Apartheid was about, the everyday hypocrisy and inequality of daily life behind a system that strained to appear normal, but was anything but...

*Who knew one could find humor (and-so-much-more) in a White pointing a gun at a Black in Apartheid South Africa? And yet... there it is!

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