Wednesday, June 6, 2018

RFK 50th

RFK was assassinated 50 years ago yesterday, a man who evolved from privilege to the manor born (the arrogance of assuming one knows right from wrong as a matter of course) to one of first hand experience and learning (the shock, initial resistance and gradual realization of how life really works when it comes to the other half). It took a while, but he got there- and it would have been interesting to experience how this country would have benefited from that acquired wisdom and leadership. Of course, we were forever denied that promise, left instead with the gaping vacuum of prolonged war and a festering corruption at the very pinnacle of government.

The following audio (particularly parts 2 & 3) painfully details just how the youthful civic enthusiasm that can make the world a better place can be relentlessly eroded and effectively extinguished from a person's very soul through the degradation of morally bereft authoritarianism.

To this day, I am surprised these tapes even exist- they... are... chilling.

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