Thursday, June 28, 2018

So... Let's Review!

In the last coupla weeks, we had: a White woman call the police on Blacks having a BBQ, a White man question a Black mother and child on whether her daughter was clean enough to swim in a pool, a White woman who calls the cops on a Black girl selling bottled water, White neighbors who call 5-0 on a Black (uniformed) fire inspector performing his duty (with the fire engine parked on the street), and most recently- a White woman assault an invited Black teenager out of a community pool! And hey, what does any of this count for without at least one unnecessary shooting death of an unarmed Black youth by a... White cop?

So... what's the one common thread in ALL these instances? Hhmmm...

Honestly, I had thought that at least some of these practices had been consigned to the dustbins of US history- but our Fascist Orange Dotard has managed to inspire and normalize the very worst in some of us, for old times sake! MAGA Baby!!!

ADDENDUM: And if you think it'll stop anytime soon... think again! And again, and again...    And... 

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  1. There is enough misery and suffering to go around for everyone.