Friday, June 22, 2018

The Proud, The Carefree and The Clueless...

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In life, there's usually ample room for some kinda greyish, in between area where things tend be a tad murky and unsure- situations where a look, a gesture, a certain turn of phrase is open to interpretation. And it can often make things either interesting or confusing, enticing or threatening, so we ploddingly muddle about life's torrent of mixed signals, forever trying to divine the truth from the tangential- pausing to reward ourselves in whatever manner we choose for whatever small measure of success in discerning said clues and missteps.

But sometimes life rubs right up to our thigh and throws us a freebie, as if it knows the hell it puts us through each and every day, and the countless more to come... And such is the case of Melania- beautiful, clueless Melania, married to the most powerful man in the whole wide world! A care free spirit, That Girl- so completely devoid of worry, that she openly celebrates and manifests her lack of concern even on the way to visit children her husband has forcibly separated from their parents and detained in cages, stopping only to bequeath them all with her fervent blessings of: "That's Great!" and "Good luck!

Throwing paper towels at them just wouldn't have sufficed...

PS- And it's always heartening to hear Melania's undaunted supporters cheer her on with their own words and gestures of support; after all, we all know that, in all fairness- those very same people would have also applauded Michelle Obama had she so chosen to adorn herself in the mantra of "I Really Don't Care." And they would have kept applauding with every plunge of their pitchforks...

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  1. Exactly. The so-called left is just as hypocritical as the right, a fact I made plain toward the end of yesterday's post.