Monday, June 4, 2018

Going Down In Flames!!!

Photo: © Stan Banos

I set some goals for myself this year: 1) get in some kinda legit exhibit, 2) make another book. This year's gonna be the one, gotta be the one- I ain't getting any younger! The book's the easy/peasy part, natch- my esteemed publisher at Blurb will no doubt acquiesce to my artistic demands as per usual. I got these guys at the end of a leash doing my personal bidding- on demand, no questions asked! That will come at the end of the year when I get my Nekid City images together for a whirl. 

#1 is considerably harder. I finally feel I have enough fire power in color or B&W to merit a coupla pictures here or there (not exactly the most outlandish of hopes and dreams), so I entered round about a half dozen legit competitions. And I feel I gotta real rational, legitimate chance of getting accepted... somewhere. Of course, experience has already proven that rational as irrational as they come!

Last Friday, fingers crossed, positive vibes- I knew I was gonna get word on one of those hopes and dreams.Thank you, for entering... Well, I didn't think I was gonna get that one, it was last on my list anyway- besides, it's only one! Then a coupla hours after the right cross- Boom! Completely Outta Nowhere, Left Hook square to the liver: We had over 84,000 entries...TWO down in a matter of hours- didn't see that coming!!!

OK, OK, so I got the bad news outta the way- nothing but blue sky and smooth sailing from here on in... 
Piece o'cake- this is My Year!!!

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