Saturday, March 23, 2019


Photo: © Stan Banos

Been saving this photo for quite some time now, admittedly to herald the absolute and unequivocal Robert Mueller slam dunk concerning one Donald J. Trump. I am writing this on Saturday, before any of the report has been made public, other than that there are no further indictments- which in turn has fueled speculation that the report has no hardcore evidence substantiating criminal activity concerning our current POTUS. And perhaps as early as tomorrow, we will, in fact, know the substance of his report...

A life long Republican who Trump insists on calling "a Democrat," I don't see Robert Mueller, a man duly noted for doing seriously important work in a seriously impressive manner, as the guy who knowingly goes down in history as the chump who investigated someone for 22 months (with a hand picked, crack team of the sharpest prosecutors and investigators in the world), someone whose entire career has been bathed in criminality from the jump- and coming outta this shrugging his shoulders and saying, "I tried."  

For the last coupla years, we have repeatedly been subjected to someone who has lied, denied, fabricated and obscured his way through self imposed behavior and consequences that would have taken down the most honest and forthright of men. Let's give credit where credit is due... Donald J. Trump is the greatest con man many a generation has ever seen- full stop! He has done it through sheer force of will, and as with any and all con men- we have emboldened and allowed him to do it.

I don't know what the next few hours, days, weeks will reveal, conclusively. But I do know that Mr. Mueller, despite all his tenacity and expertise, was handcuffed in what he could actively pursue in this investigation (unlike Ken Starr). Wisely, he bequeathed what he uncovered in those areas to the jurisdiction of New York State, and that may be he his final and most redeeming legacy- having Donald J Trump found guilty in his hometown, where it all started, and where it will all end...

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