Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Life With Bernie

I attended Bernie Sander's rally in SF this weekend. I hoped to get some decent shots, but honestly, I didn't expect much. And I was right. I don't so much document actual events, as much as try to get shots of the outliers. And Bernie attracts: the very rational, civilized and well behaved; you want colorful, visual whackos... go to a Trump rally (not much of a chance in San Francisco). 

Not sure if I'm all in with the superhero shot below, hoping it grows on me, but I do love that left foot. There was this comedian/performance artist walking about in a full length mink coat and a handlebar moustache complete with an attendant entourage of two photographers/videographers and two black suited "secret service agents," complete with shades, coiled ear pieces and protective hand gestures- they really had it down. He was going about introducing himself to anyone who would listen as "a Russian strongman oligarch" complete with mandatory central casting Russian accent. Got a few decent doc shots, but nothing, unfortunately, that stands on its own.

Photo: © Stan Banos

Bernie's not the greatest or even most inspiring orator- but unlike many another Dem candidate, he doesn't say we should do something, or that we really need to do something; he comes out and says it- we ARE going to do this, and this, and this! He really does check all the boxes (eg- health care, climate change, education, etc).

That said, he needs to FORCEFULLY and REPEATEDLY explain, reiterate and explain anew what Democratic Socialism is, and how we will (and already do) ALL profit from it. And he needs to do it over, and over, and over again. Normalize it, take the sting outta it! He needs to repeat The Truth to the American people as much as Trump repeats the lie- more so!!! He didn't do it enough last year, and if he doesn't do it this year- Trump will make a quick meal of him with the Socialist fear mongering he's already battering Warren with...

I'd like Bernie to be the Dem candidate, but I'll back whoever has the MOJO to beat Trump in 2020- yeah, even Biden!

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