Monday, March 18, 2019

The Street Photography Blues

I was contently perusing the high ground on You Tube (hey, I don't got cable), bouncing from: Robot Chicken, to Idiots at Work, to Russian Car Crashes, steroid addled body builders (M&F) and the requisite alien abductions when all of a sudden, I'm surrounded by a plethora of "Street Photography" videos by these hipster "photographers" of every possible persuasion and denomination. And they're all offering their personal, expert tips and advice based on what must be multiple w-e-e-k-s of actual hands on experience! And they do this while simultaneously mugging for the video- often in tandem with their street photo friends as they crack "jokes" and shove their cameras in people faces.

What passes for light hearted attempts at humor and frivolity is really enlightening us all as to how they "work the street" using their favorite camera kits and settings while spouting their favored photo philosophies and holding us captive to when they divulge their favorite software editing presets and workflow!

Of course, the real laughs are when you see the photos themselves- genuine replicas of mediocrities from decades past with well exposed shots highlighting and punctuating yet another super successful episode in their "professional" street shooting career; a career you get to learn from first hand- and please Click, Like and Follow...

Why let your photos do the talking when you can say it all on video...

I remember when I first viewed one of these street photo, life style videos of the hip and clueless a coupla years ago as the person in question paraded down a sidewalk, wrap-around shades and camera in hand (the serious, pro photo, shooting combo) with this shit eating grin that just begged to be smacked off his face ASAP. I thought that would be the end of such foolishness- instead, it has seemingly spawned an entire generation.*

There's one guy currently on Petapixel who's become a featured writer every week for a coupla months now. He kinda admitted being new to the game, not that that's in any way going to dissuade him from bequeathing us the keen insights he's thus far amassed. Now that's not to say there's anything wrong with a newbie (or anyone else) sharing their growth and experiences with whomever interested- I stand readily accused! But... it's a whole 'nother to actually monetize that experience of relative ignorance and inquiry into a pay to play workshop enterprise of supposed insight and education!

*Anyone know whatever happened to the guy who would jump outta doorways to photograph shocked passerby? At least he was "original," not to mention... amusing.


  1. Stan,

    I would subscribe to a channel of videos of you working the streets! Most of the photographers I follow on YouTube are all large format (I'm on bit of a 4x5 thing at the moment) photographers.

  2. No- you would not.

    They would be The Most Boring videos imaginable... Last weekend was gorgeous, went out both days- nuttin', nada, zip. And that's how it goes most times, most days. Besides, I readily admit I got nothing to say out there that hasn't already. I can't stand actually watching me, and hearing my voice- even worse...